CEO Insights: Light Media Holdings CEO Explains Why His Media Company Is Positioned For Accelerated Growth In 2021

20 Oct

CEO Insights: Light Media Holdings CEO Explains Why His Media Company Is Positioned For Accelerated Growth In 2021

Posted on October 21, 2020

Light Media CEO shares his perspective on growing his company, inspiring change, and delivering an uplifting message during challenging times.

Light Media Holdings (OTC: LGMH) CEO Danny Wilson has an ambitious plan- make his emerging company a top multimedia property in major U.S. markets. As one of only five black-owned publicly traded companies in the U.S. market and having received accolades from prestigious universities and industry associations, his company may be well on its way to increase its presence across significant entertainment markets across the country. It’s two stations in Atlanta, the 7th largest market in the U.S., can be the springboard for growth in 2021.

PCG Advisory’s Kirin Smith recently spoke with Mr. Wilson. The latter revealed parts of his plan to grow his company into a platform that uplifts, enlightens, and inspires hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. The goal is to become #1, and his strategy is designed to earn Light Media that position. Here’s why:

Q. Light Media may be one of the most underappreciated media stock stories around. The company has gone from owning a single FM station to a publicly traded, Top 25 US-based publicly traded global media conglomerate…as well as being named by NYU School of Business as being one of the Top 1000 media companies in the world. For many companies, those achievements can be crowning milestones. But you say that the story for Light Media is just beginning. Explain what you mean?

A. Our goal is to be #1 in the markets that we serve. For example, we have two stations serving metro Atlanta, the #7 market in the US and the leading market for media and entertainment worldwide. This means that we need to grow, and grow quickly either via sales or mergers/acquisitions or strategic alliances. When we are #1 in metro Atlanta, then we use that as a foundation to take over another market and so on, until we are truly second to none. This is our goal.

Q. What’s interesting about Light Media is that the company’s media focus is targeted to everyone. People might assume that the Inspirational News Network is wholly faith-based. That’s not the case, is it?

A. You are absolutely correct. Our foundation is built on a rock, and our mission from day one has been to uplift, enlighten and inspire hearts, minds, bodies and souls for generations to come. We aim to be a platform to spread good news to the ends of the earth in order to usher in the dawn of a new day of hope. The world is experiencing dire times, and we believe that this is why Light Media Network continues to make strides and move forward because we truly represent and serve as a beacon of light, and anyone experiencing any aspect of our multimedia platforms 24/7 worldwide will affirm the same.

Q. Reaching an audience is powered by some already established agreements with media giants like Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA). That agreement may provide significant opportunities. From an organic perspective, though, is property ownership expansion, like adding additional stations, a viable path for growth?

A. Valuations for platform multimedia properties are extremely attractive right now, and we are always on the hunt for opportunities to expand Light Media Network. Audio/Radio, Video//TV still represent powerful platforms that reach, touch and influence millions of people around the world, and when combined with digital multimedia platforms, the impact is insurmountable. This is what makes Light Media Network so powerful, as an ‘Inspirational Disney’ per se with Audio/Radio; Video/TV, Digital/Apps, combined with physical and digital distribution all under one synergistic and unified roof.

Q. Light Media is a publicly traded company, which adds extraordinary tools to maximize growth. Those tools come with investors, too, who often want a balance between accretive growth and controlled dilution. How can you deliver the best of both worlds…maximizing growth opportunities while keeping dilution down?

A. Light Media pledges to its shareholders to keep a responsible cap table and share structure. We will do all we can to avoid the mistakes of many microcap companies that have no tangible or verifiable assets. All of our Radio Stations are real, our Apps are real, our TV network is real, and we have real product in stores. When you invest in Light Media, you are not investing in some smoke and mirror play, you are investing in real assets that you can experience and touch 24/7, with a vision to multiply the mission and an enterprise that focuses on maximizing shareholder value while also changing lives for better for future generations.

Q. The recent format change for 102.1 The King demonstrates the company’s ability to strategically realign assets. Having the willingness to change isn’t always easy. Is there a message to shareholders in that move?

A. Yes, flipping 102.1 The King from Gospel to Classic Hits is loud and clear messaging that the Light Media is clearly focused and committed to maximizing shareholder value, and is adept and able to move quickly, efficiently and effectively on strategic opportunities that deliver growth. This is a key strategic play that is the foundation for a much bigger strategic play to be second to none in the markets that we serve.

Q. Final question. 2020 was a year of growth. What do you see in 2021?

A. 2020 has been a strenuous year for all of us. The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge yet these unfortunate circumstances created an opportunity to position the Company for accelerated growth in 2021. Based on the current plan and strategic alternatives in play right now, shareholders are poised to see Light Media transform into an amazing micro-cap success story. There is truly more news to come. Thank you for this interview and thanks to all of our shareholders for your faith, belief and trust in us.

Light Media (OTC: LGMH), Global Media Specialist, via its internet, radio, television, print and special eventsasset platforms, specializes in the marketing and distribution of inspirational music, video, apps (audio, visual, games) and entertainment worldwide. LGMH has been steadily investing and reinvesting in its quest to build a leading, global multi-media conglomerate by delivering to the chosen target market community environments. Light Media recognized by RBR as one of the Top 25 US-based publicly-traded radio/media companies, and by NYU School of Business as one of the Top 1000 media companies in the world. For more information, please visit: Tolisten to Light Media’s flagship radio station franchise “The King,” serving Top 10 US Media market of Metro Atlanta, Georgia, please visit: For more information, please visit:; or

LightMedia is: DTC, DRS and DWAC Eligible.

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